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Warriors: The Silent Hills

Warriors Role Play based off of the book by Erin Hunter.
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 The past - Leading to current setting -

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The past - Leading to current setting - Empty
PostSubject: The past - Leading to current setting -   The past - Leading to current setting - EmptyThu Aug 25, 2011 1:07 pm

This is the complete story - For Anybody who needs it within the Role Play -


This takes place years after Rusty joined Thunder Clan,
All the cats we once knew and loved have passed away.

Everything was peaceful for the new generation for a while, until two-legs started to build and make plans for a city where they lived.

Many died, only a small group from each clan managed to survive, along with the newest kits who didn't have much knowledge about the clans before.

StormKit - Thunder Clan
MarshKit - River Clan
AshKit - Shadow Clan
CloudKit - Wind Clan

these kits had grown up to be warriors before the two-legs had driven the cats away and had led the small groups of cats to the edge of their old home where the four groups joined into one for the journey.

The four warriors led their clan mates to the top of a large hill, there was a peaceful breeze and all was silent.
They eventually discussed the situation and discovered that where they were would be perfect for the new territories.

The cats broke up,

StormKit led his cats to the south where he appointed the new Thunder Clan and changed the name.
MarshKit led her cats to the west where she appointed the new River Clan, changing the name aswell.
CloudKit led his cats to the north, doing the same as the others.
AshKit led her cats to the East, doing what StormKit and the others had done.


Years later


All was peaceful for the most part, but an illness swept through the clans.
Most cats died, only small groups survived just like what happened years ago.

But now the cats are trying to rebuild their small clans.

This brings up the new question-

With the ability to have up to 15 characters will you bring peace or cause chaos in the clans?


Bone Clan: Hollow (leader)
Marsh Clan: Nightclaw (warrior)
Cloud Clan: Sunpaw (apprentice)
Storm Clan: Darkheart (Queen)  Wolfkit (Kit)
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The past - Leading to current setting - Empty
PostSubject: Re: The past - Leading to current setting -   The past - Leading to current setting - EmptyFri Aug 23, 2013 11:44 pm

Since Destiny hasn't updated the plotline, I suppose I should myself, sorry Destiny if you wanted to do it yourself, I just couldn't help myself.


Since then, another clan has made it's appearance, it's territory being the harsh city streets and dank alleyways that make up the city near Stormclan. This clan's name is Boneclan, and it's singular purpose is to destroy the peace of the other clans, and the clans themselves.

Boneclan is made up of rogues, loners and former kittypets, and was started by the rogue Mocha, a she-cat with a grudge against the already existing clans for refusing to accept her into one of them, as was her dream, and giving her a scar on her leg that reminded her of that very fact whenever she moved.

She swore that she'd show that having clan blood meant nothing, and formed Boneclan out of the hardened, cruel cats that lived in the city. Later she allowed the former clan cat Hollow to join, which ultimately led to her death at the claws of said cat.

With Hollow as the new leader, Boneclan still aspires to crush the other clans like one crushes prey bones underfoot, and whilst being judged in Starclan Mocha was reminded of this point. Unable to be put in Starclan or the Place of No Stars, the she-cat was sentenced to another life to correct her wrongs.

But it's still unsure if she'll be able to make up for her past life's mistakes, and the real question is, will the clan cats be able to put aside their differences to confront the new peril of Boneclan, or will they fall, divided, at the paws of Hollow?

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The past - Leading to current setting -
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