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Warriors: The Silent Hills

Warriors Role Play based off of the book by Erin Hunter.
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 About the Clans

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PostSubject: About the Clans   About the Clans EmptyWed Aug 03, 2011 12:19 am

I forgot to post an accurate map, sorry, but I don't think I'll be making one any time soon. :/

I hope these answer your questions about the clans but if you have any others just ask. ^^

Storm Clan:
Storm Clan is home to strong and loyal cats who do what they have to do to help their clan.
Their territory is a vast forested area with plenty of prey and medical herbs,
the camp is inside a dry cave which is at the center of their territory. Here they can last through the storms which usually seem worse where they are so they got their name.
Storm Clan is south of the Silent Hills and is closest to the city, their training hollow is next to the river which is 10 feet from the camp.

Cloud Clan:
Cloud Clan is home to swift and smart cats who will try to help the clan at all costs.
Their territory is on a hill a little smaller than the Silent Hills, it is very grassy and has plenty of rabbits and other small prey.
The camp is on the top of the hill, inside a cavity that was carved by a glacier long ago. This makes it so the winds don't feel as bad during any bad storms.
Cloud Clan's skies are usually always cloudy, so they got their name.
Cloud Clan is north of the Silent Hills and farthest from the city.
Their training hollow is five feet to the east of their camp, while the nearest pool of water is ten feet to the west of their camp.

Ash Clan:
Ash Clan is home to calm and noble cats who will try their hardest just to help their clan in any situation.
Their territory is on a burned down field to the east of the Silent Hills, their camp is in the center of the field where there are some large rocks they use as dens to withstand the fires that ravage the area. That's how they got their name, because usually, only ashes are left.
These cats have a hard time finding enough medicine herbs and prey that can keep them alive because of the fires and open space.
Their training hollow is a sandy area fifteen feet to the north of their camp and the nearest stream is next to it.

Marsh Clan:
Marsh Clan is home to sly and silent cats, they will go to any extent to help their clan.
Due to living in the Marsh lands that are west of the Silent Hills they got their name and learned how to be excellent tree climbers and swimmers.
The marshes are full of big and small fish, along with the birds that come to nest in the protected trees and shrubs.
Their camp is on the biggest Island a foot from the center of their territory, it is the only good place that the cats can stay within the marsh.
Their training hollow is five feet across, on a smaller island, but it's a good place to train.


Bone Clan: Hollow (leader)
Marsh Clan: Nightclaw (warrior)
Cloud Clan: Sunpaw (apprentice)
Storm Clan: Darkheart (Queen)  Wolfkit (Kit)
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About the Clans
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