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Warriors Role Play based off of the book by Erin Hunter.
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 What are the different Clan Meeting Spots Called?

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What are the different Clan Meeting Spots Called? Empty
PostSubject: What are the different Clan Meeting Spots Called?   What are the different Clan Meeting Spots Called? EmptySat Jul 30, 2011 3:06 am

Well, I did forget to post this earlier...
My mistake. Embarassed

Anyways, the different Clan meeting spots within camp are:

Storm Clan= High Ledge ---- A ledge on top of a pile of stones. They fell in just the right position to make a cozy cave on the inside perfect for a single cat.

Cloud Clan= High Branch ---- A long branch on a single oak tree that is about 1/4 up the tree, there is a small tunnel between the front roots of the tree that gives the leader a cozy den.

Marsh Clan= High Stump ---- Long ago, a storm destroyed a thick tree and left a comfy stump where the tree used to stand tall. The log of the fallen tree is hallow where the leader's used to sleep before the tree fell, this is where the new leaders still sleep today.

Ash Clan= High Stone ---- A large boulder on the border of camp, there is a crevasse in the bottom, inside is a dry and muggy den where the leader sleeps.


Bone Clan: Hollow (leader)
Marsh Clan: Nightclaw (warrior)
Cloud Clan: Sunpaw (apprentice)
Storm Clan: Darkheart (Queen)  Wolfkit (Kit)
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What are the different Clan Meeting Spots Called?
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