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Warriors: The Silent Hills

Warriors Role Play based off of the book by Erin Hunter.
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 General Rules

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General Rules Empty
PostSubject: General Rules   General Rules EmptyTue Jul 05, 2011 10:15 am


1) This is a kid-friendly site so please no:
Over descriptive mating/violence (Leaving the mating scenes out would be appreciated)

2) Absolutely NO Power-Play or God-Modding. Honestly it makes the Role Play bad because nobody wants to Role Play with a cheater who apparently has no limits.
Ex. RaggedFang sliced the foxes, killing them instantly until all of them were dead.
Ex 2. No matter what SunSpot kept dodging while striking back. She was the strongest cat in the clan after all.
Ex 3. He bites down on the other cat's neck, killing it.

3) RP lines must have at LEAST two sentences. Only one sentence isn't enough, this is a forum, not a chat room, please at least TRY to be descriptive.

4) to avoid confusion, please separate lines in posts


IC. (in character) DappledFur sprang at the cat, trying to defend the injured leader

OOC. (Out of Character) Do you think DappledFur could be a mentor soon?

5) There will only be 4 forest clans. Nobody can start their own clan. This will keep order so there is no clans that have 4 members and then 10 other clans with only 1 or 2 members.

7) There is a separate board for Role Players who want to be kitty-pets, rogues, etc. but you may only have 1

8.) If you have a character with a special rank like leader, you may not have two. Others will want to have a chance too you know. But If you have your heart set on one of these ranks, ask in a PM. I MIGHT be able to help you become this rank at some point.

9) Your posts NEED to make sense. no spamming like:
OT Leaped @ teh older kat, OT then spat what r u doing here?

Make sure you use spell check so nobody gets confused.

You can have up to 15 different characters but you can only have up to 4 characters in the same clan.

Sign up Rules~
Now that those rules are over with, here are some other pretty important ones.

1) Character names can not start with Star, Paw, or Kit. (ex. StarPaw)

2) You MUST read all the rules, including the warrior code. the passwords for the sign up board is hidden in both of these boards. ;D Don't worry, though you might have to READ a lot. XD

Please if you notice anybody harassing anybody else/ANYTHING bothering you, report it to me. I might be able to solve the problem, this is for the safety of everybody on the site.

Please try your best to follow these rules. And make sure to read the warrior code if you haven't already.

Any questions please ask in the Q+A :)Thank You for reading this!
the password you enter in your bio is: boredtodeathbythis
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General Rules
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