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Warriors: The Silent Hills

Warriors Role Play based off of the book by Erin Hunter.
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 Maintenance April 30th, 2016

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Maintenance April 30th, 2016 Empty
PostSubject: Maintenance April 30th, 2016   Maintenance April 30th, 2016 EmptyMon Apr 25, 2016 8:38 pm

EDIT: Didn't keep my promise. This will be worked on over the course of the week. Really busy right now with school and such.

So dang this forum looks terrible right now. D:
I actually feel bad for slacking, so I'm going to spend the 30th remodeling this whole site. The format will remain the same, but some topics need updating and most (if not all) picture links are broken.
I'll be editing a few things, such as the FAQ and stuff I consider OOD. I want to get this up and running because I have so many good memories of this forum tbh and it was a big accomplishment for me when I first made it back in Middle School.
I may be busy a lot more now, but what responsible adult doesn't need to multitask? ;P It'sFunnyBecauseI'mNotALegalAdultYet.
Anyway, expect some changes later on! Not sure if anyone still visits this place, but hey, might as well make it even remotely presentable if I ever revisit it in the future. ^u^


Bone Clan: Hollow (leader)
Marsh Clan: Nightclaw (warrior)
Cloud Clan: Sunpaw (apprentice)
Storm Clan: Darkheart (Queen)  Wolfkit (Kit)
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Maintenance April 30th, 2016
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