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Warriors Role Play based off of the book by Erin Hunter.
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 Is there a certain Map?

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Is there a certain Map? Empty
PostSubject: Is there a certain Map?   Is there a certain Map? EmptyFri Aug 30, 2013 3:00 pm

Is there a certain Map? H4fk


Is there a certain Map? Nhrp

The silent hills
The place where the clans gather during a full moon. This is where the original group separated to first create the clans.

Is there a certain Map? 5d7z

Underground cave
A cave that leads to the sacred stones (moonstone)

Is there a certain Map? Qj4r

Silent lake

Is there a certain Map? Agee

Tribe of the swaying grass
The area beyond the underground cave is the territory for the tribe

Is there a certain Map? T0ur

The City
Inhabited by Kittypets, loners, and the infamous Boneclan

Is there a certain Map? Mdk3

This dark and filthy alley is home to Boneclan

Is there a certain Map? Qje5

Storm clan territory is in a very forested area with some meadows and open fields

Is there a certain Map? Cfic

Stormclan camp
Stormclan camp lies inside of a cave, since their territory is often hit the hardest when a storm comes around

Is there a certain Map? 1nda

Stormclan Training Hollow

Is there a certain Map? Tfl9

Rocky meadow
A part of Stormclan territory where humans cut down a lot of trees, leaving behind this rocky area. Adders like to hide in the rocks there, and stray dogs often find their way to this place. Possibly the most dangerous spot in Stormclan.

Is there a certain Map? L30k

Marshclan territory is in a very swampy part of the forest. During a bad storm their territory often becomes flooded.

Is there a certain Map? Qgm

Marshclan camp
They made their camp on one of the many islands, around a rotting log- where the leader stays

Is there a certain Map? Zrne

Marshclan training hollow Island

Is there a certain Map? O51p

The adder burrow
Many Adders live in this rocky area, residing in a small burrow

Is there a certain Map? Ey1h

An open field with few hills, the sky is almost always cloudy

Is there a certain Map? Bjom

Cloudclan camp
They make their camp in a spot between two hills. It appears to have been dug out by humans years ago.

Is there a certain Map? Djln

Cloudclan training... hill?
Cloudclan trains their apprentices at the top of a hill next to their camp.

Is there a certain Map? E0bn

Abandoned badger den
Since the badger who previously lived here moved on, it has become one of the best hiding spots in Cloudclan's territory

Is there a certain Map? Zmbc

Once a beautiful field, the original group of cats who split up made their way to this area. However, a fire burned down the field; causing a lot of the prey to leave that area, and destroyed many medicine herbs. Out of all the territories, this is the hardest one to live in.

Is there a certain Map? Wdc9

Ashclan camp
Since Ashclan is commonly plagued by fires, they made their camp in a rocky area. The leader stays in a small cave.

Is there a certain Map? P3lz

Ashclan training hollow
Ashclan's training hollow is just a few holes where a pond had dried up. During bad storms, which are very uncommon there, these holes can fill up with water- making them useless for training.

Is there a certain Map? Fops

Rocky spring
The closest water source for Ashclan. It is an underground spring that made its way to the surface and got trapped in a group of rocks.

The fissure and Mountain area are mainly unexplored because they're too dangerous. But that might not stop a curious cat or two.


Bone Clan: Hollow (leader)
Marsh Clan: Nightclaw (warrior)
Cloud Clan: Sunpaw (apprentice)
Storm Clan: Darkheart (Queen)  Wolfkit (Kit)
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Is there a certain Map?
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