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Warriors: The Silent Hills

Warriors Role Play based off of the book by Erin Hunter.
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 Storm Clan Auditions

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Storm Clan Auditions Empty
PostSubject: Storm Clan Auditions   Storm Clan Auditions EmptyWed Aug 21, 2013 12:33 pm

Yes, gaze upon this post and realize that this site's founder is not creative at all!
Thus it is your duty to create prophecies for the RP.
I will choose one of the ideas, and it shall become the current prophecy for said Clan- In this case, Storm Clan.

Post away!


Bone Clan: Hollow (leader)
Marsh Clan: Nightclaw (warrior)
Cloud Clan: Sunpaw (apprentice)
Storm Clan: Darkheart (Queen)  Wolfkit (Kit)
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Storm Clan Auditions
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