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Warriors Role Play based off of the book by Erin Hunter.
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 Not Another RP Site (Literally, this isn't an RP site)

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Not Another RP Site (Literally, this isn't an RP site) Empty
PostSubject: Not Another RP Site (Literally, this isn't an RP site)   Not Another RP Site (Literally, this isn't an RP site) EmptyMon Mar 26, 2012 2:52 am

So as you people might know, I'm an Anime/Manga/Cosplay Freak!
I'v been wanting to connect with people with the same interests and make a fun place for them to hang out!
SO, I'm going to work on one and hopefully I can pull in some members!

Basically what will be on the site is:
A forum to talk about Manga
A forum to talk about Anime
A forum to talk about Cosplay
A forum to talk about were to buy Anime/Cosplay Costume/Manga
A forum to talk about Comic/Anime/Cosplay-Conventions
And I lied about the no Role-play! I'm going to put one in for people so they won't be bored XD

Anyways just like any other site it WILL have rules!
The biggest one will be NO SHARING OF PERSONAL INFO (address, phone-number, ETC.)
You are allowed to share names and the state you live in, but not town, schools, malls, whatever!
(Cause I don't want my site to be the associated with a kid-napping!!!)

Now, another thing is that for now I want to keep the site to people I trust! So, I will have a passcode on the site! (yes, it's possible!)
If you'd like to join you need to ask me for the passcode through a PM ^.^

Flighty (America-san)

Who I rp---->

Cloudclan: Crowflight(Warrior) StormFlight(deputy)

Marshclan: Dovefur(queen) SnowKit(kit) SoulPaw(Med-cat Apprentice)

BoneClan: Flare(deputy[I think])

R,L,K-P: Ghost(travler/healer) Feather of Jay on Storm Wind (pending)

Starclan:FlareClaw (Former Flare[died by car]) HailFur(CC-Queen[died out of shock])
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Not Another RP Site (Literally, this isn't an RP site)
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